Justice – why we do it

Justice: guided by truth, reason, and fairness, and made according to principles and equity

How you use and apply what you know in the service of others is your final label and seal of quality.  Most mistakes or ignorance can be fixed and forgiven, but acting without justice rarely is.

Most people are not intentionally unjust, but it takes extra effort to really prove just and worthy intelligence.  What I see a lot are agents trying to win business by quoting apples-to-apples against existing policies, hoping that the lower premium wins the client.  But what if they don’t examine whether the limits of coverage are at the best level for the client?  What if they could’ve reduced coverages for unnecessary items and reduced the premium?  What if they should’ve explained why a different umbrella policy would protect the children better?  Missing such opportunities leaves the scales of reliance and conduct unequal, to the detriment of the family.

The approach that we adhere to is slowing down the process, asking more questions, sharing the entire truth, relating it to the personal needs of the family, and exhausting the opportunity to give away what we know for the benefit of the consumer.  This is when we feel best about what we do.

Photo: Wild Horse Island, Montana

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