About Mechelsen, Inc.

Here’s what we believe: We believe in the importance of living with intention.  We believe in the responsibility of making decisions.  We believe in not following the herd. We believe in not being influenced by others’ agendas.  We believe in caring for others, but also in the adage, “if it is to be, it’s up to me”.

We have a background and history that started in the traditional insurance industry, but we’ve evolved into an atypical risk advisory firm.  First, we aren’t typical because we aren’t very good salesmen.  But we are good at instructing and inspiring decisions based on the right answers.  We think we demonstrate this in the way we talk to our clients and by doing things for our customers that our competitors could never do.  We seem to be on the right track of giving advice over sales, so we’ll stick with that.

Second, we don’t do service staff, call centers, employee turnover, etc.  You’re stuck with the same expert who knows you, cares about you, and lives with every detail of your account year after year.  Consistency matters when it comes to your family and your wealth!

Third, we don’t have departments, divisions, units, or distractions.  We do only one thing, but do it over and over so that we’re better at it than anyone else.  And that one thing we do is protect family wealth against unfortunate events, lawsuits, and unscrupulous people. That’s it.

Fourth, we’re small.  Boutique is the fancy term for it.  The agency is over 65 years old and we’ve never had more than 4 employees at one time.  The reason?  We’re control freaks. Oversight and a tight finger on the pulse of what matters to our clients is the best recipe in this business and there’s just no substitute for obsessive, intimate knowledge of our clients in bringing the right answers and the best service.

We have a saying to summarize our core values:  Know  |  Act  |  Grow.  Know what you are talking about, act for the benefit of others, and grow personal relationships.  We love our customers and are thankful for all they do for us!

We have clients all around the Western U.S. and keep an office in the Seattle area as our home base.  You can reach us at 425-691-3310.