For liberation, not fear

The mission of wealth defense and resilience is to create a path that loosens the grip on worry and concern. And the point of that is to make more space in the head and the heart to pursue better things in a better life.

So much of the risk/defense/insurance business maximizes results at the “just no negative” level which I’ve seen infect families’ way of thinking about important issues concerning resilience. There’s a malaise in the banality of checking all the boxes to ensure you have really good insurance and it perpetuates the focus on nothing but avoiding the bad. All I’ve seen that lead to is moat building and a protectionist mindset with no long-term intrinsic value. If the best you can do is get to “meh”, then the focus on why you’re doing it seems wrong to me.

Instead, I argue that paying attention to risk management and wealth defense is like doing your homework first so you can go play. And you should be playing. Playing at things that give you meaning and an alignment of your time/money with your values. So maybe in your defense planning it’d be good to ask, “How can the liberation of this worry be used to accomplish what good thing?”