What if:

What if:

  • 80% of successful families report that world events affect their personal perception of risk?
  • Nearly half of all families say recent decisions and behaviors have been affected by concerns about the future?
  • A majority of families want stability to be a built-in part of their financial plan?
  • A majority of families will tie their engagements, purchases, and relationships to emotional end-benefits?
  • Only 2 of the 10 most severe perceived risks are insurable (as reported by the World Economic Forum)?
  • 83% of successful families want help preventing the bad day from happening?

Does an opportunity exist to steward a tailored response to modern risk and resilience in the context of a family’s overall wellbeing? What would that kind of firm have to prove in the way of proclivity, understanding, competence, and deliverables in order for a family to be motivated to engage? How likely is it that an expert professional could actually close the gap between fear/worry/mistrust/anxiety/uncertainty/vulnerability/isolation and confidence/contentment? How valuable and attractive would that be if they could do it?


I want to take a moment to attend to gratitude. I focus my attention on addressing the worries and concerns of families; sometimes as a planner, other times as a crisis manager. An unfortunate effect is that my experiences sometimes lead me to dwell on roadblocks, speed bumps, and negativity. And that’s kind of a bummer.

It also disrespects the great fortune I have at being able to do what I do, to live where I live, and to share my business and recreation with people whom I care a great deal for. So I find it helpful to periodically pause the to-do list and business planning and case management and recharge with moments of reflection on the stores of energy and resources I’m lucky to have so readily available.

And writing about how I’ve been sitting here reflecting on my gratitude serves as an accountability partner on keeping me focused. The whole reason I believe in and commit to our Less Worry | More Happy trademark is because living like we’re supposed to depends on our ability to conquer fear. And acknowledging and being thankful for having and being more than enough is a weapon in overcoming worry.