Wisdom – why it matters

Wisdom: the power to discern what is true and right by employing learned knowledge

There are times when there’s an obviously clear line between the right answer and the wrong answer.  And other times there’s a continuum of space between a right answer and a more-right answer.  The benefit of having accumulated knowledge and direct experience is knowing the difference between what’s right and what’s more right.

You could have a home insurance policy with just the right amount of coverage to rebuild your house, but maybe instead you could have one with an unlimited amount of coverage and never bear the risk that inflation outpaces your policy’s ability to keep up.  Or, you could have a home insurance policy that will rebuild your home, but maybe instead you could have one that would give you the option to take the equivalent in cash so you could sell the lot and move elsewhere.  Or, you can have a policy that will replace your car, but maybe instead you could have one with an agreed value so there’s no argument about how much it was worth.

Creating the most-right recommendation for families is why we care about the intimacy of our process.  It’s how we highlight the difference between customized and off-the-shelf.

Photo: Rachael McGraw, Gullfoss, Iceland

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