Precision – how we do it

Precision: exercised with definitive statement, exact in position, and exact in measure.

It’s hard to think of an example where “pretty close” works out okay for families when it comes to their insurance.  Insurance contracts are complex financial agreements and there are very real limits, exclusions, and conditions to those agreements.  And there’s usually no flexibility and no budging to try and get more once the loss has occurred, so you’d better be correct from the very beginning.

When we engage with a client we attack the precision of their insurance portfolio first.  Are the limits of coverage sufficient in light of expected losses?  Are all interested parties to the contract named correctly so as to protect their rights and positions?  Is the entire inventory of what needs coverage accounted for and documented correctly – sometimes across multiple policy contracts?  Is the full scope of expected coverages captured in the portfolio, or are there gaps because of a lack of thoroughness when it was constructed?

We believe being precise begins with having a passion for learning what the right answer is, then having the discipline of process to do it, check it, then check it again.  And it’s our tight control over that discipline that winds up mattering the most to our clients when they eventually have a claim.

Photo: Rachael McGraw, Florence

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