What is an expert?

An expert is an atypically reliable source of technique and skill who delivers their art with precision, justice, and wisdom.

Precision: exercised with definitive statement, exact in position, and exact in measure

Justice: guided by truth, reason, and fairness and made according to principles and equity

Wisdom: the power to discern what is true and right by employing learned knowledge

Validating real expertise from potential expertise requires a test of the behaviors, actions, and delivery of someone’s purported skill.  Education and years of experience are foundational but not definitive, as we all know well-educated professionals who don’t act in the best interests of other people.

Real experts speak plainly about complex subjects, take a stand behind their positions, are indomitable against proprietary interests, serve as stewards of those who rely on them, defend the ignorant against manipulation, and relate stories of experience to what matters to you.

We believe that being precise, just, and wise is the best way to show how much we care, and we’d like the opportunity to share that with you.

Photo: Rachael McGraw, Santa Monica, CA

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