Differences between insurance companies

Here is just a tiny sampling of important differences between competing insurance companies which have absolutely nothing to do with premiums, but they can affect you greatly.

  • The weight placed on your credit score as it relates to you qualifying for coverage, and the availability of coverages that you may want.
  • Your selection of a Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trust to hold real estate and whether you have/will be gifting percentages of Trust ownership.
  • Whether you get to choose the amount of coverage on your home or are limited to what the insurance company tells you to insure it for (which is nearly always wrong, in my opinion).
  • Whether your son/daughter who lives at home can be listed on your auto policy if they own their own car (run away as fast as you can if they say no, by the way).
  • Whether they have underwriters able to make decisions beyond what the computer tells them.
  • Whether they have a staff of Claims Adjusters experienced in general, and in your specific area of need, specifically.
  • Whether they can articulate their ideal client and why they are uniquely positioned to serve that target market better than their competitors (I’ve found only one insurance companies who answer this one!).


Photo: Rachael McGraw.  Mt. Stuart, WA

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