The advantage to passion

I think a predictor of whether your financial life turns out well starts when you decide who you are going to listen to.  Assuming discipline in your behaviors, following someone’s advice is going to test eventually whether you were steered in the right direction.  So deciding who will help set the course before you begin is paramount to you getting where you want to go.

I believe in outsourcing intelligence to experts, which is why I use a CPA, a lawyer, a doctor, a real estate agent, etc.  There are life-management issues where reliance on experience, wisdom, and advocacy still primarily involves a personal relationship with someone dedicated to the perfection of their craft.

And it’s on this search for a trusted relationship that you won’t find a better test of fit than to examine how passionate someone is about what they do.  I want the guy I bought my car from to love cars.  I want the company I buy my table from to love woodworking. I want my business coach to love self-improvement.  And in business I want employees who love serving, insurance companies who love to impress, and clients who love getting things done right.

The average and mediocre is no fun, no better, and no cheaper, and will eventually lead to dissatisfaction.  Skip “kinda” and surround yourself with people who are all-in on what they can do for you.

Photo: Rachael McGraw. Siena, Italy

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