If all we had going for us at our firm was a means to provide for our families, that would be reason enough to be thankful.  Thankful for our clients who treat us so well, thankful for friendly professionals who refer us to other families in need, and thankful for the opportunity to conduct entrepreneurial free enterprise to the best of our ability.  That’d be a fine prayer of thanksgiving.

But we are also thankful that we’ve evolved this firm to be a way of expressing and exercising our passion.  We get to continually learn, to share acquired knowledge and wisdom to improve someone else’s life, and to inspire others to make good financial decisions.  And in the service of others we get to unburden some of the load and risk of families trying to navigate a complex issue by themselves.  We realize not everyone finds a job that they’re passionate about, so we are grateful that we have.

So we are thankful for the business success, of course, but we’re more thankful that we get to do it in the manner in which we think we’re called.

Photo: Makenna Wall. Cle Elum, WA

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