The RIGHT way to use insurance

The most important thing you can do with your insurance portfolio is to use it as the license to go take some risks for the betterment of you, your family, and other people.  I’m not talking about uncalculated or irresponsible actions where harm is a likely result, I’m talking about behaviors and decisions that aim to benefit yourself and those around you.

We seem to be a society consumed by fear and risk aversion.  We counsel our kids that college is for job training, not a season for exploration.  We want government to regulate our safety (and conversely, use litigation to punish those who didn’t protect us).  We stay in jobs we hate because leaving them is scary (how many times have you heard someone say they’re in it for the health insurance).  We don’t start our own small businesses anymore because so many fail.

What good is theft insurance if you sit at home with the alarm set?  Set the alarm, go on vacation!

What good is disability insurance if you sit at a cubicle and then on the sofa?  Go skiing!

What good is company health insurance if you hate your job for which you have no passion or talent? Go to school online, volunteer off-time at a non-profit, start a side business!

What good is insurance in general if you hoard wealth for the sake of hoarding?  Free and loosen your hold and use your wealth to leverage betterment!

The nobility of insurance is not in its existence, it is in your intent and your use of it to go do the things that you should.

Photo: Rachael McGraw, Paris, France


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