Stop asking what they want you to ask

If you are reviewing or shopping your insurance portfolio and really want to uncover the differences in your choices:

Stop asking:  Who has lower premiums?  Who has the best discounts?  Should I bundle my policies?  Who provides good customer service?  Which insurance company gets good reviews?  Can I pay monthly?

Start asking:  How will I be judged when they calculate my premium?  How can I improve how I’ll look to this insurance company?  Does this insurance company have a human being ready to work with me, or is it a computer doing all the judging?  Does this insurance company have an interest, experience, and an ability to deal with my wealth and lifestyle?  What’s the future premium curve going to look like if I have a claim?  How committed are they to the future with me?  Are they increasing or reducing their product offerings?  Can they articulate who their ideal client is and does that look like me?  In what way do they stand out against their competition?

Photo:  Rachael McGraw, Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

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