Less Worry | More Happy, indeed!

It’s because I believe that worry and negativity are bad for us that I feel a passion for designing plans that deal with the risks and threats facing families and individuals.  Our Less Worry | More Happy mantra is aspirational in that it captures how we believe we should be living.

But I admit to being a sufferer of worry.  It’s not easy for me to have confidence in the face of things I can’t control.  It’s not easy for me to not get upset about things I see as injustices.  It’s not easy for me to feel comfortable that things don’t always need my hand in fixing.  And as I gather experiences working with families and other advisors, I get a sense that I’m not alone in these feelings.

And I also am becoming more aware of the underlying hum of generalized negativity propagated by those who have made fear profitable, whether for money or power.  The general divisiveness over what used to be considered facts, the apparent inability to say to someone with whom you disagree “yeah, that’s a good point”, the loss of any grey area as we try to draw clear dividing lines on everything, and the volume and constancy of doom and vitriol spread from media pumphouses who apparently can only sell the banal all contribute to a malaise and a relational poverty that leaves us isolated and tribal.

So I’m offering here what works for me as the start of how I refocus my mind on what I should be focusing on, and how I train myself to be more positive, supportive and conditioned to act instead of just stewing in worry.




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