Slow it down

Insurance agents and insurance companies have made big mistakes trying to convince consumers that insurance is easy, can be handled with simplicity, and takes only a few minutes.  Do you believe insurance policies are easy to read?  Do you know that sometimes what’s on page 20 changes what you thought was covered on page 3?  Does it scare you that 15 minutes to save on premium might impact whether a claim gets paid down the road?

We believe that trying to convince people that being able to print your own auto ID cards is more important than understanding your coverages is wrong.  We believe that listening to someone say that you can save money in only a few minutes while leaving you with huge holes in your coverage is wrong.  We believe that paying attention to anyone whose solution is an off-the-shelf product that they apply to everyone is wrong.

Instead, we say SLOW DOWN.  Treat your insurance decision like the major financial consideration that it is.  Remember that the test of whether you chose correctly will be judged in the future when you have a claim, not when you pay the premium bill.  And choose wisely from whom you will get advice.  Who wants to get to know you best?  Who will tell you the bad news and still stand up for you and not just be there for the sale?  Who wants to visit you in-person and at your home?

We believe the most important thing you can do is choose your advisor wisely and take your time.

Photo:  Amber McGraw  –  Flathead Lake, MT

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