Be Engaged

I always ask new clients how involved they were in the design of their old insurance portfolio, and 99% of the time they something like, “I wasn’t.  The agent just told me what I should have and I bought it because they seemed really nice”.

I believe a better way is to be engaged in the design of your own insurance.  There’s very little subjectivity in how your insurance will perform after a loss, so the outcome of your future insurance claim begins the moment you decide on what to purchase.

I also believe that no one cares as much about your insurance meeting your expectations as you do, so your first priority is to find counsel from someone who can draw-out a detailing of your standards, expectations, attitudes, and tolerances.

I find that one useful tool is answering among the set of mutually-exclusive questions below.  It doesn’t replace a full insurance audit or inventory, but my clients say it’s a great way to start a discussion about what really matters to them in protecting their financial plans for the future.


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