Risk Economist

I’ve always had a passion for understanding why and how people make decisions, especially among mutually-exclusive decisions.  What’s more important to you, choice A or choice B?  And then, once chosen, do your behaviors support your choice?  It’s why I talk so much about the importance of being intentional and the boss of your own life.

The single factor I specialize in are the individual decisions that surround how you deal with what you see are risks to your personal wealth – what you worry about.  I’m involved in examining whether your worries either overstate or understate the actuarial basis of your true exposure to loss.  I’m involved in helping you create a vision of a less-worrisome state.  I’m involved in your pursuit of fulfillment as you move from scarcity to abundance.  And I’m involved in controlling, financing, and transferring your actual loss exposures so you can focus on better things.

I love the puzzle-solving and accountability of getting the right answers for what each family needs, and I love seeing the liberation of at least some of the worries that face busy people with often-complicated financial lives.  My best days at work are when a client tells me that they learned, they felt unburdened, and they have more confidence focusing less on worries and more on wants.

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