Privilege of Stewardship

We have this saying inside our office: we exist for the privilege of stewardship. In the responsibilities to our business and in the lives of our clients, we can think of no better motivator than to acknowledge that we’re stewards of what other people care so deeply for.  And while stewardship is a responsibility, we have a passion for it, so it’s also a privilege to be provided with so many opportunities to serve.  We are truly grateful for all of them.

To us, a good steward does three things well:

  1. They shepherd against the wolves.  Whether those wolves are the unfortunate events that threaten the stability of wealth and financial capacity, or the false experts who’d otherwise try to sell something that benefits themselves over the client, a steward’s first job is as lookout.  And being good as a lookout means constantly learning so we’re able to spot trouble before it comes too close.
  2. They unburden the hassle.  Complexity, ambiguity, and inconvenience are roadblocks to getting the right things done, and insurance is full of all three of those characteristics.  So if we unburden the hassle of knowing the right answers, of clarifying the choices, and of handling the soul-sucking experience of working with insurance companies, we feel that clients are more likely to have the right plan and experience in place.
  3. They fight until it’s right.  The opposite of this is laziness, and we see plenty of it in our industry.  There’s usually a right answer for every question related to protecting wealth and we’re astounded by how many wrong answers exist in the insurance portfolios and the experiences of consumers.  That’s just not acceptable.

We believe in the privilege of stewardship and we practice and hone our daily habits to prove that there’s value in working with a committed steward.

Photo: Rachael McGraw, Flathead Lake, MT

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