“So, Darren, what do you do?”

I protect wealth against the consequences of unfortunate events, lawsuits, and unscrupulous people.

I work best with families who:  1. Are excellent at what they do, but outsource intelligence to others who are excellent at what they do.  2. Are interested in learning and understanding the details behind important financial decisions.  3. Act upon good advice.

The most opportune times to involve me are:  1. During a comprehensive financial plan or review by a wealth manager.  2. Prior to a major liquidity event (home purchase, business sale/purchase).  3. When changing the titling or ownership of assets (Trusts, LLCs, generational gifting).

I’m motivated by:  1. Being precise in the advice that I give. 2. Being just and principled while acting for the benefit of others.  3. Being wise in not just the use of knowledge, but in the creation of it.

I do what I do because I know first-hand how much planning, time, and discipline it takes to provide for your family and grow wealth.  So I care deeply about protecting what it took great effort to build.

Photo:  Rachael McGraw, Manhattan Beach, CA

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