From agent to advocate

Related to the last post, I’ve taken stock into how our jobs as risk advisors have changed.  It used to be that we’d recommend a risk-financing strategy, find an underwriter best capable of backing it, and then sell the consumer on why the plan makes sense and why that underwriter is the best for them.

These days, we still recommend a strategy, but we spend more time selling the underwriter on why they should take-on the consumer than the other way around.  Maybe over time our job will continue to evolve from an expert with the eyes & ears of the underwriter to an expert who best understands and advocates for the client.  I’d prefer that.

And in defense of the importance of that position, just ask me how well I think the consumer is generally protected by relying on what they can get a) online by themselves, b) from an insurance-company employee, or c) from an insurance salesman.  The proof I’ll share will come from real losses, real claims, and real disappointments where somewhere along the line someone didn’t design the plan correctly and didn’t choose their underwriter wisely.

Photo: Amber McGraw, Silfra in Thingvallir National Park, Iceland

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