2 ways to do things

When I review portfolios for families it’s sometimes easy to tell between the ones that are done right and the ones done so the agent could make the sale.  It’s hard to describe the distinction, but it’s like the difference between giving a gift wrapped in a grocery bag vs. giving one wrapped by Martha Stewart.  Both conceal the gift, but really…

And this is separate from the major coverage mistakes often made by agents that I discuss in earlier posts, and this has nothing to do with how expensive the insurance is (more often, it’s just the opposite).  Instead, it’s a function of the effort of the agent made in questioning “is this really the best way to do this”?  And as I’ve said before, most agents in an effort to make a sale will just quote based on exactly what you’ve had for years even if it’s no longer what you need.  Look instead for an agent who will slow things down, ask unique questions about your needs and perhaps present a totally different way of taking care of those needs.

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