Specialist vs. generalist

When you are interviewing an insurance advisor for your family, I think the first question should be whether you want an insurance generalist or an insurance specialist.  There’s no “right” answer, but I think there is a difference.

On the one hand, a generalist could handle a whole basket of insurance needs, like those for your homes, cars, liability, life, disability, annuities, health, business, travel, professional liability, non-profit, etc.  A one-stop shop, if you will.

On the other hand, a specialist can get you exactly what you need and nothing more. That’s because they’re an expert at one thing.  And an expert knows more than a generalist, by definition.  An expert has more power and influence with insurance companies, too.  An expert has no Plan B, so they’re all-in with whatever you need them for which might be necessary when something really bad happens.  And lastly, an expert has no distractions or divided attentions so they’ve got nothing else to do but practice their craft for your benefit.

We’re proud to claim to be experts at one thing – protecting personal wealth against unfortunate events, lawsuits, and unscrupulous people.  We believe consumers are treated better and get better results when an expert is on the case.

Photo: Rachael McGraw, Snow Lake, WA

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