Seriously, I’m an optimist.

I’m actually a very positive, optimistic person.  It may seem otherwise with these posts, but they’re the result of now realizing I have 25 years of pent-up frustration with my industry.

I’m frustrated at how insurance companies generally treat their customers as if they’re doing them a favor.  I’m frustrated that the insurance industry itself has intentionally dumbed-down its professionalism in the way it advertises itself.  I’m frustrated that so many agents are lazy and don’t invent.  I’m frustrated that consumers choose their insurance so poorly, usually based on bad info and applying bad criteria.

There’s another story to be told, however, and I intend to tell it to whomever wants to listen.  Insurance does regularly stop financial ruin.  Thank goodness.  And for as much as I usually implicate insurance companies as to why most folks find insurance so soul-sucking, the remedy toward a better experience doesn’t lie with them.  The solution is to consider it important enough in your life to interview and find an expert who shows genuine dedication to knowing what they’re talking about, demonstrates passion about engineering the best solution for you, and then has the gravitas to get things done as they need to be.  And then I’d expect good results will follow.

Photo: Rachael McGraw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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