Your bad claim experience begins now

One of the most frustrating moments in my job are the times when I hear of a family suffering an insurance loss and then realizing that the claim-handling experience with the insurance company didn’t match their expectation of how they wanted to be treated.

The reason it’s difficult is because I’ve got to think of a diplomatic way of saying that the bad experience is probably because there was a moment years prior where they decided to pursue an insurance company based on cost or some other reason unrelated to pursuing the best fit for them.  It’s my belief that a bad claim experience actually begins the moment you buy the wrong insurance from the wrong insurance company through the wrong agent (or buy it direct because you thought you could).  It just may take awhile to show up.

Insurance. Is. Not. A. Commodity.  Among the insurance-purchasing factors there are differences in needs, differences in pricing, differences in coverages, differences in claims handling, differences in client appreciation, and differences in talent and experience.

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