The gray line between business and personal

Many business owners consider the line between what is commercial business and what is personal business quite gray.  The cars they drive personally but pay for through the business, the personal errands run by company employees, the use of company equipment/technology/inventory borrowed for personal use (and vice versa) are all examples.  And there are plenty more.

Many business owners don’t consider their lives divided between personal and business and instead see it all as just “them”.

It’s impossible to script “the way things should be done” when it comes to drawing a line between what is insured personally and what is insured commercially.  But it does matter because the quality of insurance differs greatly between the two and you’ll want to get it right.

With good listening skills and a committed work ethic, a plan to divide the insurance between business and personal is something that good agents are not just able to do, but they are also able to explain it so that you’ll understand and agree.

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