Leaving the choice to you makes for a bad agent

Would you accept your tax accountant presenting you with 3 options on the filing of your tax return?  What about your doctor giving you a choice of different ways to fix your broken arm?  No way!  Experts are supposed to know what is best for you, recommend a specific course of action, then get it done for you.  Why else would you hire someone?

So it pains me every time I see an insurance agency presenting families with multiple insurance-portfolio options.  It always makes me think either a) they haven’t done enough work to really know the customer, b) they don’t have a clue which alternative they should recommend, c) they lack confidence to take a stand, d) they’re lazy and want the customer to do the work, or e) they care more about running their business than caring for their clients.

I am all for consumers being the boss and having a final say in things, but it should be only after an expert has worked hard enough to make a recommendation they’re willing to stand behind.

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