Choose an insurance adviser in 4 questions or less

Discerning consumers ask good questions of advisers whom they hire for advice and service. Undiscerning consumers are influenced by geckos and talking price tools, and probably don’t think using a middleman is necessary.  If you’re among the latter group, good luck to you – you’ll know if you chose wisely after the loss happens.  If you’re among the former group, however, here are 4 questions that will help you decide if you’re putting your trust and faith in the right place.

  1. If I follow your advice and you become my agent, how much of my interaction will be with you vs. a member of your staff or service team?
  2. How much authority do you have in your agency to make any decision necessary to better my interests?
  3. Would you describe your agency as “full service”, or do you have a dedicated focus in one area of expertise?  And if you’re an expert, describe for me how deep your knowledge and experience goes.
  4. Give me an example where you’ve gone over-and-above what you think your competitors would do for their clients?

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